trying something a bit different

work in progress

Captain Mal Reynolds 

Drawn in Corel Painter X3

detail of my last work (x)

Captain Mal Reynolds 

Drawn in Corel Painter X3

Today was my final hand in for uni


this called for cute photos with my uni friends


I should have been doing uni work

but instead I spend about 14 hours drawing some sterek fanart.


(view larger version on my blog)

I havent posted in so long

so here, have some of my uni work

bored at uni so I’m drawing a thing

I dunno I probs wont finish this

but maybe

A little over a month and I’ll be done with uni for good!

I can’t wait to get back into drawing for fun

Soooo wish I could come down for it

you can be there in spirit! xx


I don’t want u there anyway u gross skank 

Poster for my upcoming group show.

My wellington followers should come check it out! :)

while i was doing my last Sterek fanart piece I could not stop laughing at how I’d drawn Derek.

So I thought “cousin Miguel” should have his own feature.

Anonymous: hey! your sterek fan art is so cute! I was wondering if you took requests for fan art?

Hi, thank you so much!

I am super busy with uni right now, but feel free to leave a request and I’ll see what I can do :)